Binary-AutoTrader Settings

The availability of Automatic Binary Options Trading Systems has never been in question. There are thousands of these programs online and spotting the difference of these systems and also choosing the one right for you is what that counts. Most of these Auto Traders do not give the trader the power to control the settings so that the trader can influence the performance of his/her trades. All these Auto Traders give the traders the power to set the amount money to trade, but the Auto Traders do not give the trader power over the system that the apps use.

Only gives the trader the power to choose a variety of settings that the traders manage. This Auto Trader will execute the trader’s direction without any compromise. In order for you to understand the power that gives the trader after opening an account, especially with the settings, the explanation below will more that help.

Binary AutoTrader Indicators

The trader has the power to choose which type of indicators will be used to influence the Binary-AutoTrader. The trader can either choose to allow all indicators to keep running or deactivate the indicators that you do not want on your Auto Trader settings. The indicators on binaryautotrader include:

  • TREND:
    This indicator helps to analyze the overall trends on the market. It helps to indicate to the trader when the right time to Put or Call a trade. Binaryautotrader determines this thanks to the help of this indicator.
  • MACD::
    This in more than one way is a compliment to the TREND indicator in that it measures the moving averages against each other, in this case, the history and making a forecast. MACD is short for Moving Average Convergence Divergence.
  • RSI:
    When the prices on the market get too high, the majority usually sell and when the prices are cheap people will buy. This is where RSI comes to play. Relative Strength Index is what normally most traders use. This is one of the most profitable systems that traders use.
  • STOCH:
    This system helps to determine both momentum and the speed of the market conditions thus helping to determine the trades using the speed and momentum features. This system was developed by Dr. George Lane and is commonly known as the Stochastic Oscillator.
    This indicator is simply the RSI but it’s rather simplified. How this trend works is that it holds or grabs extreme overs and undersold areas and works towards attacking them. This is usually a good strategy to use with short term positions.
  • CCI:
    This is referred to as the Commodity Channel Index is one of the most advanced and one of if not, the best indicators. How does it work? It bases everything with average time and offers and determines a way out.

As earlier indicated, the trader has the ability to choose which indicators he/she wants on their Auto Trader and can also decide to activate and deactivate all of them.

Trading Methods with the Binary Auto trader

There are three trading methods that the trader can choose to use with the Binary Auto trader:

  • Classic Trading Method which many trading experts consider
    to be one of the most secure.
  • Martingale Trading Method which is one of the most profitable
    trading methods.
  • Fibonacci Trading Method which is the most accurate trading

The trader can choose one of these three methods and be guaranteed to make profits with either one of them.

Assets of Binary Autotrader is currently using and working with currency pairs. The trader is given the power to choose which currency pair to use and also allow the Bot to trade in. The choices can be one of the following or several if the trader feels to use several pairs, which is totally allowed and encouraged.


The Expiry of Binary Autotrader Trades

The Auto Trader gives the trader the option to choose the expiry time the Auto Trader will use. The choices range from sixty seconds to one hour and have intervals of five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes and thirty minutes.

Traders should be made aware that different brokers have various availability dates. Before having to choose a broker, we recommend that you do research on each broker’s expiry timeline which

Trade Amount

The investor has the ability to set what each trade amount will be. The minimum is $5 and the maximum is $500 with levels between these 2 extremes.

Trade Amounts Allowed

The trader will set the amount he/she wants to trade with. The minimum allowed amount is $5 and the maximum is $500 with only two extremes allowed.

Simultaneous Trades

The trader is given the ability to set the Binary-AutoTrader on how many simultaneous trades he/she wants at any given moment. The number can be one to eight.


Binary Autotrader gives the trader the ultimate POWER to set up their own automatic system in the design and features that they want. Most of the automatic trading Auto Traders have been known to trade in uncouth ways and hence the many complaints. With binary auto trader, you have the option to choose the system you want and the Auto Trader will trade according to your directives.

If you have any questions, queries or would like to sign up with this one of a kind Auto Trader, kindly let us know and you will be answered immediately.